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Hello, my name is Nicole Ernst. I have been working for Axivas in the Ruhr area since October 2016.
Nicole Ernst
Operations Director
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Hello, my name is Kassem Hamoui. I have been working for Axivas in the Ruhr area since July 2018.
Kassem Hamoui
Account Manager
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Hello, my name is Wolfgang Schäfer. I was a coal-born absolute child of the Ruhr area.
Wolfgang Schäfer
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Hi, I'm Olivia Klyk. I have been working for Axivas in the Ruhr area since March 2018.
Olivia Klyk
Project and Team manager
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Hi, I'm Marko Janot. I have been working for Axivas since January 2017.
Marko Janot
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Hi, I'm Nadine Langer. I have been working for Axivas since May 2018.
Nadine Langer
Management Assistant


My name is Blacky. I am the 1st dog of Axivas Ruhr area. I was born in October 2016 and have been working for Axivas since January 2017. Match that if you can! Started work three months old and still at it. I try to be in the office in the Ruhr area twice a week. The job just doesn’t get done without me! Other than that I work in my home office and develop strategies for our success. Oh, not to forget, Wolfgang often books me for marketing campaigns.

(Wait a minute, do I get any money for any of this?! I live with our Operations Director, Nicole Ernst, and she thinks I should be doing much more for my rent and food anyway. Let’s just not get into the exploitation I suffer through Wolfgang.) I'm mostly on Facebook. I don't get any money for that either. Here you can see and experience me and my newest stories. High Five or shake a paw on it!Ich bin meistens auf Facebook unterwegs.  Krass auch dafür bekomme ich kein Geld. Hier könnt Ihr mich und meine neusten Stories sehen und erleben. High Five oder Pfote drauf!


This is our location in Oberhausen. At the end of 2016 Axivas decided to open a location in the Ruhr area and came to the conclusion that Oberhausen would be the ideal place to do so.

We are located at the Centro, right in the heart of the action. We now have plenty of parking space, optimal transport connections and, of course, shopping is more than easy. That was a very good decision, because here we laid the successful foundation to open another location in the Ruhr area, in the Essen city centre in summer of 2019.

Our Operations Director Nicole Ernst took all matters into her own hands and has been managing and developing the Axivas Ruhr project from day one.


We finally opened our brand new location in downtown Essen in August 2019.

We don’t think that you will find a location lovelier than ours in this industry.

Putting all of our heart and soul into it and the many hours we spent in Nicole Ernst's creative lounge have enabled us to feel comfortable and at home there.


Phone: +49 6202 927 1705


address : Zum Aquarium, 6A, 46047 Oberhausen

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