Nicole Ernst
Operations Director

Hello, my name is Nicole Ernst.

I have been working for Axivas in the Ruhr area since October 2016 and I have ALWAYS lived and loved the call center industry. I can't do anything else and I don't want to do anything else.

After my apprenticeship at the Deutsche Telekom in Braunschweig I worked for the AOL in Dublin/Ireland.

About 1 1/2 years later my mind won me over and I went back to Germany to study European Business & Technology (Wolfsburg/Germany) and International Management (Helsinki/Finland).

I financed my studies with outbound telephony (NKL | SKL | Lottery) in the call center at Simon & Focken in Braunschweig.

. Originally I wanted to write my diploma thesis at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. I quickly found corporate life there boring and decided to return to call center life.

After my studies, I worked at Simon & Focken for several years as a project manager. After all these years it was time for me to get to know other corporate worlds. In 2005 I moved to Baden-Württemberg and worked there for a total of 7 years for SIM | Avocis | Capita and Alex & Groß| Tectum Business Solutions. 2012 I switched from the former Tectum Business Solutions to Tectum | AMEVIDA in the Ruhr area.

Since that day I just live and love the Ruhr area. In October 2016 I opened our first location in Oberhausen, Centro Allee 263b. With a total of 10 employees we started my project "Professional Family".

". In March 2017, another milestone followed in our success story in the Ruhr region.

The Professional Family needed more space and conquered small parts of the Marina Park at the Aquarium in Oberhausen.

. With the continuous expansion of one of our customers, we decided to open a location in Essen in 2019. In August of this year I was able to implement my ideas completely freely and bring, in my opinion, a wonderful and comfortable location to life.


Kassem Hamoui
Account Manager
Hello, my name is Kassem Hamoui. I have been working for Axivas in the Ruhr area since July 2018. Actually, I come from a completely different industry (protection and security), but isn't it the same thing? I have been in the call center industry for 6 years and I think it will take a good while to get me out of it. After my training at Condor as a specialist for protection and security, I started studying law. However I managed to successfully abandon all of that! Since I also had a mini job as a CCA, I actually decided in favor of this industry and thus started a whole new chapter. My career took off pretty fast but not without a lot of luck, sweat and tears. At the company Avedo I went through all the steps a manager goes through and extended my horizon with workshops and seminars. After a very pleasant 5 years, with many highs and some lows, I decided to continue my career path at Axivas. Since June 1st, 2018 I have been responsible for the whole Unitymedia Account in Oberhausen and as of May 1st 2019, acting Account Manager. And the story continues..
Olivia Klyk
Project and Team manager
Hi, I'm Olivia Klyk. I have been working for Axivas in the Ruhr area since March 2018. Originally I came from one of the many savings banks, but this soon became too boring for me. I gained my first call center experience in our in-house telephone team. After my training as a bank clerk, I somehow slipped into the Axivas world. I started as a personal assistant to Nicole Ernst, then quickly became a team coach and am now project and team manager at Axivas in Oberhausen. I quickly threw my original plan to earn a little money and then go to college to become a teacher overboard and now I can't escape. The cast spell once a call center always a call center seems to be right.
Wolfgang Schäfer
Hello, my name is Wolfgang Schäfer. I was a coal-born absolute child of the Ruhr area. After studying communication science, I learned to love the marketing agency life. In 2006, I ended up in the call center industry, where I worked in various areas. My main focus has always been on marketing. My second hobbyhorse emerged from this, personnel marketing and recruiting. I made my start in this industry in 2006 at the TECTUM Group in Gelsenkirchen. In 2012 I met Nicole there, we kept in contact over the following years. During my time at the call center more than 20,000 employees passed through my "hands", and I helped to set up many new locations and successfully organized and pursued personnel marketing. Since November 2017 I have been working for Axivas in Oberhausen, right now at our newly opened Axivas location in Essen. Here I can live my professional life to the full in my area and I am pleased that Axivas has not only gained a foothold in the Ruhr area... no...not just that …..we are growing and expanding. And that is exactly my thing!